Saturday, March 1, 2014

A little bit of art..........

Yesterday was amazing!!!!!
We celebrated My birthday, my sisters Amie's birthday & my sister Kristi's birthday!
We decided to celebrate as sisters with our mom and have a luncheon/CRAFT day!!!!
Our other two sissies gave us Women's Conference tickets for our birthdays......
In May------looks like this will be an ongoing sisters Tradition, we did this last year and it had ever lasting memories!!!  :)

Keri made THE cutest little sister book!


We got to craft at Amie's new house!
With her NEWLY fixed up craft room/studio!

My sister Kim taught us how to do "Mixed Media"  canvas ART!!!!
Layers and layers and LAYERS!!!!!!!!!!!
{and chocolate}

I am in TOTAL LOVE with her!!!!
I put random things all over to remind me WHERE i am today!
Ok----So my sketches!
I have found a NEW love...........
I did this bride for a friend in Arizona, she sent me a picture of her daughter in her wedding dress and I did  my best to copy it!

Here are my KIDS!!!!!
ah!  love it.......
It was fun to try and find their personalities...
This took me over 5 hours.......
It was liberating to just free my mind and create..... :)


I did this one TODAY!
Mike and I!
Cuz there is no where else we would RATHER BE!!!!
I have had many request family Sketchings.....or couple sketches!!!
or kids......ect.
If you are interested in custom water colors, you can email me....
I am also on Instagram  @Nanniegoat37
I will need to know personality traits, clothing "Likes" and colors, ect....and even a few pictures of your kids, you, your spouse, bride, couple, or PET!
So I can get an idea of "Who they are"
"sigh" LOVE IT!
Base price is $35
and an Individual fee of $10 per person!
The water color paper size I work with is 11x15
Unless you would like smaller let me know!