Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Two weeks in picture form.........


Today is a great day to awesome!!!!

Why not?

Monday, March 25, 2013

I'm breathing!!

I'm not sure how this is all going to work posting this on my iPad mini.......lol
I've never posted a post before from anything other then my computer-----my computer is at the Dr.'s getting a whole new make over.
I'm sure you have noticed my absence......? Lol
I received this little piece of heaven about a week ago as a surprise gift from someone whom I adore. ALOT! He is my 1st little piece of heaven! :)
I didn't realize all that in tells with iPads......holy Hanna batman!
I have my whole life on here already, with buzzers going off to remind me what spectacular things I have to do each day!

I'm not sure if I can figure out how to post pictures yet, if they don't show up I am sorry!

I've had quiet the past few weeks.....
Emotions running high, on my knees for direction, many cool exciting things going on!

Last week I did " the hive boutique" up in Mt. Green With Melissa Quigley, her house is amazing and she is one of the neatest ladies I know and have come to really love her.

I met some FANTASTIC ladies through this event and Instagram! Funny how Instagram has become such a inspiration for me and to others. I have really come to connect with this outlet and the happiness it has brought me through other ladies where their goal is to uplift others!!!!

I met a lady at the hive who I have become great friends with on Instagram........she goes by "just a girl!" What a great, uplifting wonderful woman she is! I feel very fortunate to have met her.
If you wanna follow me on Instagram I would love for you too---- nanniegoat35

I got asked to be on the craft channel with tausha Hoyt......umm....FOR REALS! I will be recording as a guest this Thursday,.......can I throw up now? Or after its over......lol
I will be talking about what inspires me....things I love, my blog and photography! Tausha is amazing and I know she will help me not look or feel like a complete dork face! I've known Tausha for about 10 years......she is a rockstar!!

So I may or may not post the link on here after......haha!!
Charlee had her kindergarten checkup and shots today......kindergarten I said, :(
Needless to say she was traumatized! So that called for frozen yogurt!

Ok......gunna post now and see how it all looks....yikes!

Love you all!! We can do anything.......always! :)

Friday, March 15, 2013

Divine joy......


WHOA------what.......a week!!!!
I have so many pictures I will soon post!
But for now {I know Ive been a slacker head}
I will POST the highlight of my week!
First My talk went amazing!
I did the Ugly cry----That's how you know it went well......lol
If you make everyone cry.......AND you cry ugly!  :)
you know its true!
I met with two of my sisters for a TEMPLE DAY!
Lunch and some spiritual feel goods to over fill my cup!
This day has been along day a-coming......
I was so LIGHT......Like a feather. 
I worked so hard and am choosing TO NEVER look back!
My feet are cemented firm!
What the world " perceives " to be real happiness and joy.............well, simply isn't!
Ive lived both sides.....
This is real.
This is Joy!
Divine JOY!
I have a tender testimony and I love it.  Cuz its Mine......I earned it!

How come I can't ever be normal in a picture?
More posts coming soon.....
You can see how my "mind on crack" and spring fever are both coming into FULL EFFECT!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Keep Walking...........

Morning walk with my dad...........

I'm trying REEEEEally hard to be focused today and  clear my wandering thoughts.....
I need to write my talk.
I haven't spoke in sacrament  in about 4 years.....
I'm not necessarily scared, more I just want to write a GOOD talk.
My talk is on the Atonement.
When I woke up this morning, before my feet hit the floor these words came to my mind.
I'm am a Mormon! I know it, I love it, I live it!
I haven't always been able to say these words...........and I shamefully admit that.
Right now?  I can  SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOF TOP!
I got up and got Jax ready for school.........
I took him to the bus stop, Its only up a street but I drive him every morning.
I Like doing it.
As we got to the the bus stop, a swarm of friends start saying his name.....they were so EXCITED and pleased to see him.
My heart got super warm.........Jax makes friends easy. He is a very sweet kind boy.
Even to charlee when he really wants to knock her socks off for being so annoying.
He is patient......
I love his heart, and what an example he is to me.
I quickly fit in a sentence before I let him out into the wolf pack!
"You make me proud jax, I am one lucky mother......go be awesome"
Off he went.....
It was a quick reminder of how I want others to react when I walk into a room...
Am I a sucker? Or am I a giver......
I wanna be a giver, to clearly give people a smile and MEAN IT.
To be a friend........
and most of all to give HOPE!
These last 3 and a half years have been HELL!
I was chained.....
Completely CHAINED!
Satan had me right where he wanted me.
Down and low....and forgotten who I was.
Dark, hopeless........unworthy of the saviors love.
OK----I'm just gonna say it like it is,
Married to the man of my dreams.
Divorced and devastated from the world I once had and loved.
Family torn apart.
Only option {I thought} was to move on and find anew.
I did.
Remarried........where the whole thing was a lie.
Everything was taken from me..........everything I own to everything I knew to be true about myself.
This is where it gets good......... {is that possible?}
The only thing I had...ONLY thing......
everything was taken from me.
and a strong attempt to take the gospel away.
When I needed it the most.
I didn't realize in this VERY moment....second even, HOW MUCH GOD LOVES ME!
On my knees, begging for help.....direction.,.....comfort.
And when I was ready....TRULY ready to summit myself to him in ALL things.
It was like the snap of his fingers....and "BOOM"
I had nothing left in my life BUT Christ.
And from that day forward I have NOT looked back......I was so horribly chained.
With the atonement I am FREE.
Life CAN change......................it can!
I witnessed a miracle.....
If we are obedient, he blesses us 10 fold.
Its real.
I am living it right now!!!
So to finish the  "Ok, I'm gonna just tell it like it is"
I am completely and UTTERLY in love with my ex husband.
We have a love like duct tape.
It has never made sense.............To be apart.
We have both fought a tough Battle.  :(
In turmoil being apart. And trying so VERY hard to move forward......
"Our plan" wasn't/isn't working.......
GODS plan is...........I'm still not completely sure what will unfold! or how this STORY will end!
But I am having HIGH hopes and faith that if I continue to be obedient in all things, things will work out like they should.
Life is going FULL circle for me.
Things I don't think I would have learned any other way.....
Yup, I just said ALL OF THAAAAAAT!
Out loud!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

What good are ya?

Sorry for the SUPER DUPER ANNOYING grey boxes from Photobucket....:(
Unfortunately I use them and have used them for years and years and years...ok, only like 6 years.
BUT still , That's a LONG TIME! They have never failed me TIL NOW!
I store ALL my photo's on there.....{just being a safety kid}.
And then I use the HTML code and copy and paste the pictures to my blog, they make them bigger and it just seemed easy to me....I have a system ya know......and they ruined it.
Ok----well, maybe not ruined.....{I love you photobucket} just in case they happen to read this...LOL!
I just had to upgrade to PRO because I exceeded my monthly limit of pictures.....who me?
I had seriously THE most MEMORABLE week so far...
Miracles baby.............Mi----ra------cles!
Alot of them are very personal and i don't think I should share....
But I can give you hints......  :)
Im sorry Im so "Vague" on here sometimes....., its hard to know WHAT to share and what NOT to share.
1.  I worked hard for a very long time now for one particular goal....Personal goal, for me, myself & I.  And one day this goal will allow me to help others who have passed on, and also take me to the eternities with my family!
2. I got rid of Satan......I was once chained to him for very SHORT time, and well I only knew him for a short time. He put me through hell, and he is now KICKED to the curb..........He took many things away from me...but he will NEVER take away my Happy!....its mine!!!  :)
3. Got some important paper work sent off...hopefully IT WORKED.
4. Was requested to join in on the HIVE BOUTIQUE....remember my sweet friend Melissa?
She is on Studio 5 often....well, I have some exciting things I'm going to be helping her with.
Anyways----She does the HIVE boutique In MT. Green, its the end of this month...and I need to get my boooooty IN gear.......NO time to sleep. :)
5. I'm speaking in church Sunday........GAH!!!
I feel a slight seizure coming on....
6. April is a great month for a SAN DIEGO trip....ya?
Sea World and Lego Land and beach days!
6 weeks and counting......
Today I had Lunch with 3 sweet friends.
They were very close to me  In my Syracuse Ward....
I have to admit I cried on my drive home.
They are dear to me!
Charlee Also loves her little friends!
I do feel fortunate to have a good "Net" of friends around me!

I surprised Autumn With a collage for her Party this weekend.....:)
Played in the SHOP....
THIS girl needs to get BUSY-------er!

Scored Stencils at the DI......
I seriously paid $6.
They worked so perfectly!
I love when stuff like this happens, MADE MY DAY!!

I love custom orders...........
The "Every little thing is gonna be alright" board.
This lady has a very tender story behind this saying, so she wanted me to make it.
She cried............I love being apart of life changing moments.
Even if its ONLY an ounce.
I think that's why I love photography so much!!!


Ham and Ketchup------HER favorite treat!

I'm so glad I can look like this, and still have friends......
That means you TRULY love me for in innerds!