Saturday, January 11, 2014


This was a good week!
I accomplished alot......:)
I will explain on my next post something HUGE I accomplished.
It went along with my word of the year..."REACH"
Here is a few highlights of this week........
Morning snuggles!

Everywhere you look:
Either minecraft

I folded laundry ONE handed! 

Charlee's drawing of mabel.
She missed her at school, so she drew her.  Caaaaaute!
Framing material right here!

Elsa and Anna!
Peg dolls......
Patting myself on the back furrrrr THIS one.
Charlee loves them!

Mabel has so face.......

She fell asleep in my purse, I wish I could lug her around!

This boy keeps THINGS CRACKIN around here........
funny kid!

Its CATURDAY national make your kitty pretty day!
I made that up.....:)
we made bows for Charlee and Mabel this morning......
She looks like she might kill me in my sleep tonight!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Sisters and my ONE little word!

I am completely on an emotional high right now...
I cannot explain how I feel.....not even to myself.
I think Mike probably thinks his wife is totally CRAY!
{In a good way of course.....}
I completely see the blessings in my life, I SEE them and I embrace them.
I attended the temple right before Christmas break----with an open heart I went in with one reason, and one reason ONLY---- putting Christ first!
I have found over the past year-----PUTTING him first {which I haven't always done} brought joy and miracles in my life. 
I feel like a broken record, cuz I always am saying the same thing over and over, but I can only say when I have lived.  :) and ITS REAL!
We planned a sister day over the Christmas break!
We have done this for a few years now, making a sissy day a priority!
So thankful for them....
My heart could explode!
We will be the 5 really annoying old ladies one day throwing popcorn in the theater like 5 year olds!
50 happy piggies.....

Texas Road house.........:)

And of course-----
Charming charlies, $9 dollar purses.
WE can never end a sister day without someone FALLING...and someone peeing their pants.
I'm not going to tell you who did what.....LOL
We will ALSO be the 5 old ladies wearing depends and tripping each other with our canes.
True story!

Can't do a post WITHOUT posting Mabel!
{sorry mom} {my mom hates cats} lol
Just wanted you guys to know that she ALSO wears her seat belt.
I'm a responsible Cat mom........
I will be spraying finish over charlee's signature on her NEW highs chair!
THIS I need to keep forever!
She told me ...."Mom, i just wanted everyone to know its mine"
Well of course charlee...........of course!

OK---ON to the good stuff......
Ive seen ALOT of woman on blogs and Instagram post their #onelittleword for the NEW year.
This is something I wanted to try this year.
I looked at my past year and things happening in my life right now to try and inspire a perfect word for me.
I thought of many WORDS!
then I thought of  "Reach".................
I waited a few days to get confirmation for my word.
I wanted it to fit and form me PERFECTLY!
My new 2014 WORD is REACH!
I feel like I'm yelling.,
I'm just so excited!
I looked at 2013.....and I really had an AMAZING year...
re-marring the love of my LIFE, finding myself spiritually and mentally with temple attendance and running a half marathon. 
IT was all me....
I reached for those things.
To GROW is to REACH!
We have the power and ability to reach for things we want in our lives!
THIS year I will REACH for,
Education....I'm going back to school!  :)
{holy crap}
starting asap......
and to grow more spiritually
and to REACH for an amazing marriage.
I know good things will happen in 2014!
Obviously we will have set backs......that's life,
. and LIFE isn't perfect, its just accepting the fact and still REACH for things we want!
I see the word reach everywhere now......... :)

18 years of love.......

My favorite 4...........:)
We had such a GREAT christmas eve at my parents.
It was a day packed FULL of goodness!
We went to the old folks home and sang to each individual..
then came back for jammies, food and presents and lots of PICTURES.
and laughs and tears, as usual!

Typical sisters picture......

Christmas Jam jam's!

One of these things is NOT like the

she out does herself every year..........she has such a talent for beauty!

 Us daughters gave my parents a blanket this year made from 18 cousin camp shirts....
thats alot of years and hard work put in one box....
My parents are amazing grandparents.
Cousin camps are still GOING STRONG......stronger then ever before!

Christmas Morning....... :)

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd just like THAT!
School is back in!
Mike welcomes them home from school with love taps......and beatings....
New years day we took the kids to go see FROZEN!
Charlee has not stopped singing the songs OR talking about Elsa!
Elsa Elsa Elsa....
She made a cape out of her baby blankets....
Lays on her bad with her Ipad and watches Youtube frozen video's over and over and OVER.
She even drew Elsa and Olof the snowman!
This girl is OBSESSED!

I  completely embraced this moment for her....:)
I made her TWO Elsa Capes!

I'm a little worried.........As I think, she thinks she is REALLY her....
Identity crisis......:)

 But I cannot blame her......Im just as OBSESSED!

Here kitty kitty!


When its mikes night to bathe the kids.........
Watching him wash charlee's hair melts me everytime!
So HAPPY we ARE where we ARE so these moments won't pass us by....


My phone fills up so FAST!
Im constantly backing up my pictures I feel like.....
These are some of my favorite over the last 3 weeks!

Jax Lego Display case.....
Jax has cool parents.....Im just sayin'
Hi mabel!  :)

Jax turns 10!
Such an amazing kid.....


Full two days of celebrating!!!!

If you don't come away with a goose egg from sledding, 
YOUR not doing it right!  

We are infatuated by this furry baby.......:)

Me: Charlee why you crying?
Charlee: I don't like surprises......

The was a week before Christmas......:)
The anticipation about killed this girl....

Worked on FOX pillows for Jax's bed!!

Went to JUANITO BANDITO Christmas....
Family tradition.......... funnest SHOW EVA!

My sister made her a HUMANGA headband......
My heart exploded!

Charlee sharing her SNOW icecream with Mabel......

More kitty Pillows.......

Jax and his bestie spent HOURS and hours making Minecraft designs with perler beads...
and I mean HOURS!