Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A little eye candy!

I REALLY need to be better at this!
No other excuse then I am lazy lately,
And Instagram is so  :)
I'm gunna share a little eye candy!
I am ENJOYING being back in in Syracuse!
So many friends here, its familiar here and its home here.
Not only that, but we are TOGETHER!
It feels right and it just "Flows".
I shot a large family here two days ago....
Its it breathtaking?
It was my play ground for 3 hours!

I attended my new ward on Sunday!
We went to the 9:00 church that ended up NOT being our church....actually not even close cuz it wasn't even the right BUILDING!  ha!
So after one sacrament meeting down I found our right ward and our right church building.
I happen to find two ladies I knew in my ward and this pretty lady...We follow each other on instagram! 
She was like "HEYYY your nanniegoat" 
And I was like "Heyyyyy, what the crap"
Then we hugged, and gabbed each others ears off!  :)
I have a feeling I'm gunna fall in love with this ward!
Last night I taught a YW group Photography in a different ward!
Pretty  much the best experience EVER for me!
I fell in love with these girls, and now I secretly wish I can have a calling in the YW.
{careful what you wish}
Not only did I teach them a few basic Photography tips and tricks, We discussed how important it is to use our talents and gifts to uplift and inspire.
Careful what you post on FB and Instagram-----what you capture and put out in the world reflects who you are!
With the advice of:
"Be kind.  Then go a step further and BE KINDER"
and to BE BOLD, be creative and BE YOU!
We ended with a mini little photoshoot outside!
This memory will be tucked in my little treasure box for sure!

My family had such a neat experience a few days ago!
My Sweet Nephew had to cut his LDS mission short due to a very bad knee injury.
With many many prayers and fasting, this was what was best for Treavor so he can come home and get into some Physical Therapy.
We all anxiously waited at the airport at 11:00 at NIGHT!
For those elevator doors to open.
Yes we screamed and yes we cried!


Me and my sisters!!!
W kept this from Jax till moments BEFORE!
To surprise him!
Jax and Treavor are best friends!

I couldn't leave til I planked.
This planking challenge really has been taken to a whole nother level.....
{Instagram planking challenge}
Yes, I got looks....:)

Charlee's drawing!
Sorry its sideways....
I love children's drawings..
It shows so much about them!
A rainbow cuz she is happy.
A bed {that's pink} to show she is safe.
Hair shaped a flower shows she thinks she is pretty.
And a bra.  Cuz she is dieing to have one!  :)

Lunch with friends in not ending anytime soon....
I'm behind!  :)  and that's ok!!

Training for the Half marathon is coming along... :)
I am at the half way point!
These 5:45 mornings are seriously killing me.
No likie!
I kinda throw a temper tantrum in my bed.  Legs flailing....ya know that kind.
But I'm NOT a heat runner......I won't go if its
Its already hard enough!

I won this skirt on a free giveaway on Instagram {see told you I'm obsessed}
She sells them at
Its soft tulle with silk lining!  Many colors!!
Went to lunch with Mikes family for his mom's birthday!!
BOY----I have missed this family!!!!
Simple treasured blessings!

Splash pads and Martial Arts!


Watching Charlee play Polly pockets for hours!
and dressing those suckers for hours!
Polly's are a pain!  lol
She loves them so I endure!

Spending some one on one time with Abbie!
She is going to be a junior this year.......Time is FLYING BY!!!
and school shopping sucks!  :)
Stay tuned, I have an AWESOME STORY to share about someones missing wedding ring!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

God gave me, ME!


Inspiration comes in many ways.........
Mine came this morning at 6:00am on my morning run!
I woke up feeling a little "Inadequate" and second guessed myself on a few levels.
{Satan's way}
Thoughts flooded me as I was running {and struggling} that I should not be ashamed of my Characteristics and gifts.
I was born with a way to go through life with rose colored glasses on.....
Regardless of the situation.......
This is how I was made.
My patriartical blessing has been a constant witness for me.
In times of "Happy" I have been mocked, made fun of and stabbed in the back.
This has brought such great JOY in my life, but it has also caused heartache and frustration.
I trust easy.
I forgive too quickly.
I give people the benefit of the doubt because i want to see them "do good".
This gift was my Life jacket these last 3 years when I was drowning.
I cannot apologize for how I was made.
Its who I am.
God knew this was a Characteristic that I needed in my life..........
To feel, trust, hurt, smile and share all that I am!

 {Picture from last Saturdays wedding I photographed.  Jordan River Temple.}
Since our little family has joined one, we have not yet moved in...
Pre-Obligations have caused this delay.
IT has been a HARD two weeks!!!!!!!!!!
Tomorrow is the day-------  :)
As I'm packing last minute things today, I took a break to blog and pour out my heart.
I have to listen to my mind----journaling makes for a happy spirit!
When its time its time!
This picture was 4 days ago.
Saying goodbye to daddy....having to wait a few more days.
She was heartbroken.
I'm glad the day is NEAR!  For all of us!!  :)


This was me as a creeper MOM, watching my kids sleep.
Ive been doing this alot lately------
Charlee hogging like usual in her ballet outfit.
Jackson Sacrificing for his sister.  Like usual!


Day out with Abbie!!

My most favorite thing to find around the house.
I will miss these one day.
And I'm sure I will be packing them in his Missionary suitcase to Guam!
{Or Idaho}
Love Jacksons imagination.

Day out with Autumn J!

love you all!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Im just GUNNA SAY IT!!!!!!!!

For all those who have followed me for years.......
KNOW THAT what I am about to say is gunna move mountains.....
So I kinda like him...
And by, DANG IT.......he put a ring on it!
This all came about last week..............
**In a nut shell explanation**
10 years of perfection was gone in an instant!
More then 2 years ago when we divorced.
We stayed best friends through our trials and heartache.
A saddened situation that happened to Me and the kids brought Mike and I together, and again
fell madly in love.
More then ever before!
Allowing us to raise our children together and start off where we left off, and continue our love story.
These last 9 and a half months, we made SURE this was right.
AND-----it is.
The lord has definitely played a roll in this....
My faith, Obedience and HOPE also played a roll.
Prayers are REAL!
God knows what we need, If we are only willing to listen and act.
This is a REAL life love story.
We will continue to write our story-----I will never give up on us, or on my savior.
I am thrilled and teary to be able to share this true story.
Its tender and its mine.
Side note:
The circle shaped ring represents "Full circle", since we have literally come full circle.  {Insert "awhhhh" noises here}
Its real!
It just happened!
And this is my forever!
My kids are excited to have "daddy" home.  Once again.....
We spent the weekend together away.
We enjoyed just being alone and "really" enjoying being with each other!
He is mine.
I am his!

So with all that being
We have been busy, swimming, shooting guns, riding motorcycles,  and putting on HOT pink lipstick!
Ya, know----Normal summer stuff!



My sister and I at the temple a few days ago!!!
** Tradition sonic!