Monday, September 9, 2013

Phone dump #3

Phone dump NUMBER THREE!!!
She plays-----
Why I never get pictures of Jax----------
Fish eye Iphone5 lens-------
Amazon $10.

Our sweet charlee and her peanut "Microtia" ear!
And she is perfectly made.....
She knows who she is!

Who doesn't have HIGHheals tied on a scarf?
I mean really------
Always be prepared!

All mine----
I earned it.

Strawberry shortcake with dad.
Perfect night.

Sisters watching tangled-------



 Oh Hi bleach pen........
You made PERFECT dots...


Phone dump #2

Dumbing my phone PART TWO!
My phones getting lighter.....
She is a Jr.....
Lego night.
AND shark week night........ 
She feeds her lovies.......

Potty break------

Slowly creating my space....
Feels good to re-build baby steps.

Saturday Afternoon.......
Potty training ---------

Church day----

LAGOON day-------
Jackson was and always IS my ride partner.
He loves the thrill as much as ME!







Given my SLACK of journaling......
I'm doing a couple "PHONE DUMP" posts!!!
I Currently have 1700 pictures on my phone........For everything that's holy.  :)
Back to school night-------

Always by my side------
Charlee's best friends-----Mylee & Ellsie------

First day of school------------
Charlee: Peace out!
Jax----Mom, Im in 4th grade now and people are watching!

Little Fish------

Charlee's best friend-----

Me and my sissie----Always photobombers in our family.

School buddies.
He loves her.
and she loves her Cowboy boots--------

Jax's best friend Caden.
They rode the trax down to  SALT LAKE to the Utes game!!!
LUCKY boys!!!!

Game day!
My dad is a cougar fan........his blood runs BLUE!

Church shananigains----
Sisters-------Kristi's new amazing CAR!

Flash dancer----

Church day--------with whom I love!
Dirty Dt. Coke.
I should get paid.......

Too cool for school.......

Great harvest Cinnamon roll...
Get it girl....
Love my boots----- 

Another fantastic day to be awesome at school---------

"Hold on barbies, while I get bandaids to wrap your legs in"



YOU are enough................

WOMANS retreat is over!
Probably ONE of the most amazing things I have ever done.
Speaking in a room full of complete strangers.
I don't think i have ever met such inviting, warm and loving ladies.
Talking about such personal, intimate things was such a scary thing........but to have them all crying with me the whole way through was UHHH-MAYYY-ZING!
As My dad would say------- "crying ladies equals success"
So I think it was a success!
Preparing my talk for over a month, praying daily that I would touch them, that I would "Feel" and learn along the way.
There was somethings I didn't wanna be reminded of, i didn't want to type them on my paper.
It caused pain to remember things that happened in TEXAS and things that happened before Mike and I divorced.
But what HEALING this is caused.
Here is a picture right of the deck of the Bear Lake cabin.
Breathtaking right?
Perfect place for a woman's retreat!
The ladies had ALOT of questions about the story with Mike and what a true love story it really is.
Along with anger towards "Texas" {we don't speak of him by name} :/
And questions!
and how GOD truly had a hand in this...........
and I refuse to not talk about it....I will share and SHINE!
Here is a few things from my talk I will share:
{I have had many woman ask for me to share my whole talk on my blog........Im still thinking about it. Its hard to be Raw and exposed.....xoxo}
"God loves me and waited for me patiently to NEED him------ he gave me an amazingly hard opportunity to learn and feel how powerful not only he is but how powerful I am!
He trusted me knowing I would pull through, succeed and SHARE!
I am no longer afraid of who I am….
I will shine, because he made me this way!"
5 weeks alone in texas------
"After the phone call from my family, I hung up the phone.
GOT on my knees in my bed, so weak from dispare,my hands holding my head in my hands
…..and begged, pleaded and SOBBED for his direction and HELP!!
I needed him!
I needed a HUGE amount of strength!
I told him just TELL ME what to do and I will do it.
I was at his mercy.
So broken and so scared.
And SOOOO overwhelmed.
after many phone calls and texts in the next 4 hours I
I felt I could move mountains……I felt Unstoppable."

"I felt unworthy of gods love?
I didn’t know who I truly was.
A sense of belonging.
And most of all I was afraid of my own power and light.
I felt I had it, but I was afraid to OWN IT….LIVE IT…..BE IT!
It seemed so big for me to grasp"
"WE CANNOT lie from god…
I tried for FAR to long!!
I had gone too far.
My courage was no more.
My Shine was dull.
My armor was lost
Satan surrounded me."
"I was his number one, my initials were even on his golf balls.
Our marriage was magical and real.
He stepped aside and let me go….
He loved me from a distance and watched me learn."
“we shouldn’t shrink or hide, WE SHOULD SHINE!”
“I WILL not shrink or devalue myself to satisfy others”
“I am here for a purpose and that purpose is to grow into a mountain, not to shrink to a grain of sand. Henceforth I will apply ALL my efforts to become the highest mountain of all and I will strain my potential until it cries for mercy.”
I hope you find courage in my words.......
Cuz every day, it takes COURAGE to really does!  :)
So this week is a CRAY CRAY week!
I am running a half marathon Sat with my sister, her husband and their son.
I have a wedding Friday----and the HIVE boutique is THURSDAY- SATURDAY!
 My TENTS will be up there!!!
I will be doing a post on that in a sec.....
We are running BOSTON STRONG this Saturday!
for my brother in law-----who will be running the same race as us that morning only the FULL.
If you remember he crossed the Boston marathon's finish line 9 minutes BEFORE the first can only imagine the things he heard, saw and felt that day.
He is amazingly strong.
So we are running for him and those who were physically hurt that DAY!
Here are OUR shirts we had made!!

 Training pictures..........


Ran the Logan Canyon with my sister............
This 12 mile run was super AWESOME-SAUSE!
and hard.......and I cried at mile 11.5
My legs were numb and I could see my home from a distance....:)
Pushed through.....