Monday, April 7, 2014

Holy crapola!!!

Its been over a MONTH since Ive posted........I think.
I dunno.
Ive lost track of the days.......
So many EXCITING things have happened in these past few weeks....
Mike and I bought a house...
I cry every time I talk about it...think about it......AH!
Overjoyed with thankfulness and gratitude!
We move in---in about 3 weeks!
And NOT TO mention-----its 3 houses away from my SEEESTER!
WE will be in the same ward, our children will attend school together.

THEN--------I dunno what happened.
But these sketches have taken off to a new LEVEL....Im not sure what level---but a LEVEL!
My biggest family and piece I have done so far...:)

Been attending the temple as often as I can, I try and go weekly if possible.
The promises are living proof.
SO I cannot afford not to make it a priority------its a little slice of heaven each week.

Ive also been sketching little 5 x 5 temples......
They are so cute and chubby......
I am searching a print place this week to make copies, then they will be for SALE!

Last of all!!!
and JOIN ME AND MY SISTERS with an adventure we decided to do together.
COME be a sister with us!!
We want to lift all those around join a circle of love and inspiration.
LIFT you where you stand.....
That you are ENOUGH!