Monday, April 7, 2014

Holy crapola!!!

Its been over a MONTH since Ive posted........I think.
I dunno.
Ive lost track of the days.......
So many EXCITING things have happened in these past few weeks....
Mike and I bought a house...
I cry every time I talk about it...think about it......AH!
Overjoyed with thankfulness and gratitude!
We move in---in about 3 weeks!
And NOT TO mention-----its 3 houses away from my SEEESTER!
WE will be in the same ward, our children will attend school together.

THEN--------I dunno what happened.
But these sketches have taken off to a new LEVEL....Im not sure what level---but a LEVEL!
My biggest family and piece I have done so far...:)

Been attending the temple as often as I can, I try and go weekly if possible.
The promises are living proof.
SO I cannot afford not to make it a priority------its a little slice of heaven each week.

Ive also been sketching little 5 x 5 temples......
They are so cute and chubby......
I am searching a print place this week to make copies, then they will be for SALE!

Last of all!!!
and JOIN ME AND MY SISTERS with an adventure we decided to do together.
COME be a sister with us!!
We want to lift all those around join a circle of love and inspiration.
LIFT you where you stand.....
That you are ENOUGH!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

A little bit of art..........

Yesterday was amazing!!!!!
We celebrated My birthday, my sisters Amie's birthday & my sister Kristi's birthday!
We decided to celebrate as sisters with our mom and have a luncheon/CRAFT day!!!!
Our other two sissies gave us Women's Conference tickets for our birthdays......
In May------looks like this will be an ongoing sisters Tradition, we did this last year and it had ever lasting memories!!!  :)

Keri made THE cutest little sister book!


We got to craft at Amie's new house!
With her NEWLY fixed up craft room/studio!

My sister Kim taught us how to do "Mixed Media"  canvas ART!!!!
Layers and layers and LAYERS!!!!!!!!!!!
{and chocolate}

I am in TOTAL LOVE with her!!!!
I put random things all over to remind me WHERE i am today!
Ok----So my sketches!
I have found a NEW love...........
I did this bride for a friend in Arizona, she sent me a picture of her daughter in her wedding dress and I did  my best to copy it!

Here are my KIDS!!!!!
ah!  love it.......
It was fun to try and find their personalities...
This took me over 5 hours.......
It was liberating to just free my mind and create..... :)


I did this one TODAY!
Mike and I!
Cuz there is no where else we would RATHER BE!!!!
I have had many request family Sketchings.....or couple sketches!!!
or kids......ect.
If you are interested in custom water colors, you can email me....
I am also on Instagram  @Nanniegoat37
I will need to know personality traits, clothing "Likes" and colors, ect....and even a few pictures of your kids, you, your spouse, bride, couple, or PET!
So I can get an idea of "Who they are"
"sigh" LOVE IT!
Base price is $35
and an Individual fee of $10 per person!
The water color paper size I work with is 11x15
Unless you would like smaller let me know!


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Im 37!
Its real!
My day........{two days actually}

This sucker CAME home with me.....
oH yes!
Yes, it did!!

Mike bought me a picture of Christ!
I didn't have one in my home.....

Monday I spend the day with Mike!
Yesterday {actual birthday} I spent the day with Abbie!
It was a perfect day!!!!! {days}
Thankful for my family!!

Seek him, ASK, LISTEN!


I have to much to say my mind is spinning!!!
Seems to be the case lately-----with my @bofm365 CHALLENGE my journal is filling up fast!!!
And scripture pages!  :)
I made sure I got a bunch of colors so my scriptures look like a beautiful garden!
Two days ago  was a HARD day, I felt Satan trying to break me.
With reading the scriptures #Scripturepower  #armorofgod I have felt the power in our home.
The power within Abbie---
The words that came out of my Bishops mouth when He gave me a blessing WAAAY back in November when Abbie ran away---
" She will be protected by angels because of her righteous mother"
Those words will NEVER leave me.....they have become my security blanket of knowledge!
Satan see's CLEARLY whats going on.....
He is one SMART {and dumb} cookie! {and very annoying}
So going back to two days ago, I was feeling VERY lonely----spiritually lonely.
With mike being inactive, and teenagers who don't give a crap and Charlee and Jackson who don't quiet get the "Big " picture yet-----I have been sharing my JOY of learning more about Christ and reading promises and being deeply inspired,
Just me and my journal.
OR---with my sisters!
Its kinda lonely when you feel things CLICK....especially when you have never traveled down the scripture reading world before. And don't know who to share with......who will care?
As I was reading the comments on the @bofm365 someone said this quote yesterday:
"Sometimes we do not see the whole picture clearly,
we have just enough light to help us take the next step"
I Cried.....big ugly {and pretty} alligator tears!
God is with me.
I have fought hard to seek him in my daily life to where now its a habit, a pattern.
We fought hard in heaven for our path, why wouldn't I be able to fight hard NOW?  duh!
I will stay true.......for look at my life in the past year, how can I turn my back on him now.
He has brought me miracles time and time again!
I will Be patient and just be hungry learning  knowledge {REACH} and know everything will happen on HIS time.
Because, gods side is always the right side!
because THUS far---he hasn't let me down yet!
{WHEN I have been obedient of course} lol
Lose your life---and do gods work!
Deep meaning in that.....
Ok---moving on....
I have been having a BLAST learning all this drawing, sketching, water color crap----
LIKE, I lose myself in it.
I wait {patiently of} for the kids to go to bed, so I can whip out my stuff and be in my own world!

"Look for yourself"

"You are mine"


Mabel got NEW leg warmers.......
She is getting fat {oh I love her} and thought she needed some work out attire.
Of course she did.....:)

"do Gods work"

Mabel LOOOOOOOVES watching the cars drive by......
If the blinds are open, you know where to find her.


 What I found In Charlee's pack pack..........



Monday, February 24, 2014

My heart....

Yesterday we went to church.....
See this handsome husband of mine sitting next to me?
Its been almost 3 years for him...
It was PURE bliss sitting next to him during sacrament.
The speakers couldn't have fit better------
It was about FAMILY!
The unity...traditions.....closeness and TIME!!!!
This picture rocks.....
We can rock ugly like NO OTHER!
 One thing I have to say----
Mike may be inactive, but his values and morals and priorities will never and have NEVER budged.
He is as straight as you can get  {in more then one}  haha, that was funny!
No but really------he supports my love for temple attendance and for my scripture study and answers any questions I have about the church---he knows it ALL!
I will never pressure----or make him feel guilty for learning his own lessons and feeling his own desires on his OWN time.........Agency.
Ive learned all about that with my sweet daughter Abbie.
All I am expected to do it LOVE them.....and let them TEACH ME!

Watching Despicable me..........

Love watching her get her things out.......
I get so excited to see what she creates........
HAPPY MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Birthday overload.....

My mama makes ALL THINGS beautiful!
Even toilet paper!
Love her home....
Over the weekend we celebrated 8 birthday's for February.....:)
Love My mutha....
Love my DAD!!!!
oh and I surly love my sisters!
and of course my children.


My dad and his Amazing "Grandpa visits"
He our family is getting BIGGER!!!!!!
And how we need to bring it in even closer....tighter....
Also about Education and how important it is to be able to support our families....
Love what He teaches my children!
He can never be replaced!!!!
We are so weird.....


Nothing will replace families.......
BRING yours in.....even closer. Tighter!

Hidden Talents....

I'm Turning 37 tomorrow!
Never to late or to old to find NEW talents you never knew you had......
My mom is a fantastic artist---it comes so natural to her.
My sister Kim also draws.
And then Abbie........
I have watched them with envy.
I have always wanted to just sit down and sketch.
Why I have never before, I dunno?
I was to busy with Photography, sewing and crafting and putting together ugly/cute outfits from the DI! and other delightful things to make my home feel GOOD!
The last week......I have found something I didn't know existed inside me.
After kids are in bed...and its just Mike and I watching late night JUNK TV.
Ive been sketching.....



One sketch a day-------
Small goal!