Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Seek him, ASK, LISTEN!


I have to much to say my mind is spinning!!!
Seems to be the case lately-----with my @bofm365 CHALLENGE my journal is filling up fast!!!
And scripture pages!  :)
I made sure I got a bunch of colors so my scriptures look like a beautiful garden!
Two days ago  was a HARD day, I felt Satan trying to break me.
With reading the scriptures #Scripturepower  #armorofgod I have felt the power in our home.
The power within Abbie---
The words that came out of my Bishops mouth when He gave me a blessing WAAAY back in November when Abbie ran away---
" She will be protected by angels because of her righteous mother"
Those words will NEVER leave me.....they have become my security blanket of knowledge!
Satan see's CLEARLY whats going on.....
He is one SMART {and dumb} cookie! {and very annoying}
So going back to two days ago, I was feeling VERY lonely----spiritually lonely.
With mike being inactive, and teenagers who don't give a crap and Charlee and Jackson who don't quiet get the "Big " picture yet-----I have been sharing my JOY of learning more about Christ and reading promises and being deeply inspired,
Just me and my journal.
OR---with my sisters!
Its kinda lonely when you feel things CLICK....especially when you have never traveled down the scripture reading world before. And don't know who to share with......who will care?
As I was reading the comments on the @bofm365 someone said this quote yesterday:
"Sometimes we do not see the whole picture clearly,
we have just enough light to help us take the next step"
I Cried.....big ugly {and pretty} alligator tears!
God is with me.
I have fought hard to seek him in my daily life to where now its a habit, a pattern.
We fought hard in heaven for our path, why wouldn't I be able to fight hard NOW?  duh!
I will stay true.......for look at my life in the past year, how can I turn my back on him now.
He has brought me miracles time and time again!
I will Be patient and just be hungry learning  knowledge {REACH} and know everything will happen on HIS time.
Because, gods side is always the right side!
because THUS far---he hasn't let me down yet!
{WHEN I have been obedient of course} lol
Lose your life---and do gods work!
Deep meaning in that.....
Ok---moving on....
I have been having a BLAST learning all this drawing, sketching, water color crap----
LIKE, I lose myself in it.
I wait {patiently of} for the kids to go to bed, so I can whip out my stuff and be in my own world!

"Look for yourself"

"You are mine"


Mabel got NEW leg warmers.......
She is getting fat {oh I love her} and thought she needed some work out attire.
Of course she did.....:)

"do Gods work"

Mabel LOOOOOOOVES watching the cars drive by......
If the blinds are open, you know where to find her.


 What I found In Charlee's pack pack..........




  1. SO.MUCH.POWER in those words from your blessing. Oh I just love that. Such a good remind to all of us mamas.
    Your pictures are incredible. I love all of them.
    And that Mabel? Hilarious. and Cute. Cute of course ;)

  2. You will not regret staying close to The Lord. This had been a great journey w/ BofM365. Your drawings are amazing! Art has always had such a therapeutic effect on me too. I loved seeing what you are creating. Xoxo