Monday, February 24, 2014

My heart....

Yesterday we went to church.....
See this handsome husband of mine sitting next to me?
Its been almost 3 years for him...
It was PURE bliss sitting next to him during sacrament.
The speakers couldn't have fit better------
It was about FAMILY!
The unity...traditions.....closeness and TIME!!!!
This picture rocks.....
We can rock ugly like NO OTHER!
 One thing I have to say----
Mike may be inactive, but his values and morals and priorities will never and have NEVER budged.
He is as straight as you can get  {in more then one}  haha, that was funny!
No but really------he supports my love for temple attendance and for my scripture study and answers any questions I have about the church---he knows it ALL!
I will never pressure----or make him feel guilty for learning his own lessons and feeling his own desires on his OWN time.........Agency.
Ive learned all about that with my sweet daughter Abbie.
All I am expected to do it LOVE them.....and let them TEACH ME!

Watching Despicable me..........

Love watching her get her things out.......
I get so excited to see what she creates........
HAPPY MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. OK well I just want to say that I love everything about this post. Tender mercies all over the place! Mimi

  2. I agree with sue...its precious, makes me happy happy happy and love your attitude, your right on!

  3. Ok, now I have to reply...what you wrote is divine.