Monday, September 9, 2013


Given my SLACK of journaling......
I'm doing a couple "PHONE DUMP" posts!!!
I Currently have 1700 pictures on my phone........For everything that's holy.  :)
Back to school night-------

Always by my side------
Charlee's best friends-----Mylee & Ellsie------

First day of school------------
Charlee: Peace out!
Jax----Mom, Im in 4th grade now and people are watching!

Little Fish------

Charlee's best friend-----

Me and my sissie----Always photobombers in our family.

School buddies.
He loves her.
and she loves her Cowboy boots--------

Jax's best friend Caden.
They rode the trax down to  SALT LAKE to the Utes game!!!
LUCKY boys!!!!

Game day!
My dad is a cougar fan........his blood runs BLUE!

Church shananigains----
Sisters-------Kristi's new amazing CAR!

Flash dancer----

Church day--------with whom I love!
Dirty Dt. Coke.
I should get paid.......

Too cool for school.......

Great harvest Cinnamon roll...
Get it girl....
Love my boots----- 

Another fantastic day to be awesome at school---------

"Hold on barbies, while I get bandaids to wrap your legs in"



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