Thursday, July 18, 2013

God gave me, ME!


Inspiration comes in many ways.........
Mine came this morning at 6:00am on my morning run!
I woke up feeling a little "Inadequate" and second guessed myself on a few levels.
{Satan's way}
Thoughts flooded me as I was running {and struggling} that I should not be ashamed of my Characteristics and gifts.
I was born with a way to go through life with rose colored glasses on.....
Regardless of the situation.......
This is how I was made.
My patriartical blessing has been a constant witness for me.
In times of "Happy" I have been mocked, made fun of and stabbed in the back.
This has brought such great JOY in my life, but it has also caused heartache and frustration.
I trust easy.
I forgive too quickly.
I give people the benefit of the doubt because i want to see them "do good".
This gift was my Life jacket these last 3 years when I was drowning.
I cannot apologize for how I was made.
Its who I am.
God knew this was a Characteristic that I needed in my life..........
To feel, trust, hurt, smile and share all that I am!

 {Picture from last Saturdays wedding I photographed.  Jordan River Temple.}
Since our little family has joined one, we have not yet moved in...
Pre-Obligations have caused this delay.
IT has been a HARD two weeks!!!!!!!!!!
Tomorrow is the day-------  :)
As I'm packing last minute things today, I took a break to blog and pour out my heart.
I have to listen to my mind----journaling makes for a happy spirit!
When its time its time!
This picture was 4 days ago.
Saying goodbye to daddy....having to wait a few more days.
She was heartbroken.
I'm glad the day is NEAR!  For all of us!!  :)


This was me as a creeper MOM, watching my kids sleep.
Ive been doing this alot lately------
Charlee hogging like usual in her ballet outfit.
Jackson Sacrificing for his sister.  Like usual!


Day out with Abbie!!

My most favorite thing to find around the house.
I will miss these one day.
And I'm sure I will be packing them in his Missionary suitcase to Guam!
{Or Idaho}
Love Jacksons imagination.

Day out with Autumn J!

love you all!


  1. You guys are just tooooo cute! That saying goodbye to daddy picture? Priceless! Mimi

  2. I was teary three sentences into your post. I can relate on so many levels with you. I wear my heart on my sleeve and sometimes people can crush it with their actions and gossip. I have let it bring me down at times, but your words bring me strength. My tenderness is my gift. Thank you Sweet Annie!!