Thursday, March 7, 2013

What good are ya?

Sorry for the SUPER DUPER ANNOYING grey boxes from Photobucket....:(
Unfortunately I use them and have used them for years and years and years...ok, only like 6 years.
BUT still , That's a LONG TIME! They have never failed me TIL NOW!
I store ALL my photo's on there.....{just being a safety kid}.
And then I use the HTML code and copy and paste the pictures to my blog, they make them bigger and it just seemed easy to me....I have a system ya know......and they ruined it.
Ok----well, maybe not ruined.....{I love you photobucket} just in case they happen to read this...LOL!
I just had to upgrade to PRO because I exceeded my monthly limit of pictures.....who me?
I had seriously THE most MEMORABLE week so far...
Miracles baby.............Mi----ra------cles!
Alot of them are very personal and i don't think I should share....
But I can give you hints......  :)
Im sorry Im so "Vague" on here sometimes....., its hard to know WHAT to share and what NOT to share.
1.  I worked hard for a very long time now for one particular goal....Personal goal, for me, myself & I.  And one day this goal will allow me to help others who have passed on, and also take me to the eternities with my family!
2. I got rid of Satan......I was once chained to him for very SHORT time, and well I only knew him for a short time. He put me through hell, and he is now KICKED to the curb..........He took many things away from me...but he will NEVER take away my Happy!....its mine!!!  :)
3. Got some important paper work sent off...hopefully IT WORKED.
4. Was requested to join in on the HIVE BOUTIQUE....remember my sweet friend Melissa?
She is on Studio 5 often....well, I have some exciting things I'm going to be helping her with.
Anyways----She does the HIVE boutique In MT. Green, its the end of this month...and I need to get my boooooty IN gear.......NO time to sleep. :)
5. I'm speaking in church Sunday........GAH!!!
I feel a slight seizure coming on....
6. April is a great month for a SAN DIEGO trip....ya?
Sea World and Lego Land and beach days!
6 weeks and counting......
Today I had Lunch with 3 sweet friends.
They were very close to me  In my Syracuse Ward....
I have to admit I cried on my drive home.
They are dear to me!
Charlee Also loves her little friends!
I do feel fortunate to have a good "Net" of friends around me!

I surprised Autumn With a collage for her Party this weekend.....:)
Played in the SHOP....
THIS girl needs to get BUSY-------er!

Scored Stencils at the DI......
I seriously paid $6.
They worked so perfectly!
I love when stuff like this happens, MADE MY DAY!!

I love custom orders...........
The "Every little thing is gonna be alright" board.
This lady has a very tender story behind this saying, so she wanted me to make it.
She cried............I love being apart of life changing moments.
Even if its ONLY an ounce.
I think that's why I love photography so much!!!


Ham and Ketchup------HER favorite treat!

I'm so glad I can look like this, and still have friends......
That means you TRULY love me for in innerds!





  1. haha! You make me laugh! I think I need to come to the Hive to meet you! Congratulations on your goal, you rock!

  2. congrats annie! all this made me warm and fuzzy inside :) you deserve it, babe. ps. i have more mixes for you....YAY!!