Monday, March 25, 2013

I'm breathing!!

I'm not sure how this is all going to work posting this on my iPad
I've never posted a post before from anything other then my computer-----my computer is at the Dr.'s getting a whole new make over.
I'm sure you have noticed my absence......? Lol
I received this little piece of heaven about a week ago as a surprise gift from someone whom I adore. ALOT! He is my 1st little piece of heaven! :)
I didn't realize all that in tells with iPads......holy Hanna batman!
I have my whole life on here already, with buzzers going off to remind me what spectacular things I have to do each day!

I'm not sure if I can figure out how to post pictures yet, if they don't show up I am sorry!

I've had quiet the past few weeks.....
Emotions running high, on my knees for direction, many cool exciting things going on!

Last week I did " the hive boutique" up in Mt. Green With Melissa Quigley, her house is amazing and she is one of the neatest ladies I know and have come to really love her.

I met some FANTASTIC ladies through this event and Instagram! Funny how Instagram has become such a inspiration for me and to others. I have really come to connect with this outlet and the happiness it has brought me through other ladies where their goal is to uplift others!!!!

I met a lady at the hive who I have become great friends with on Instagram........she goes by "just a girl!" What a great, uplifting wonderful woman she is! I feel very fortunate to have met her.
If you wanna follow me on Instagram I would love for you too---- nanniegoat35

I got asked to be on the craft channel with tausha Hoyt......umm....FOR REALS! I will be recording as a guest this Thursday,.......can I throw up now? Or after its
I will be talking about what inspires me....things I love, my blog and photography! Tausha is amazing and I know she will help me not look or feel like a complete dork face! I've known Tausha for about 10 years......she is a rockstar!!

So I may or may not post the link on here after......haha!!
Charlee had her kindergarten checkup and shots today......kindergarten I said, :(
Needless to say she was traumatized! So that called for frozen yogurt!

Ok......gunna post now and see how it all looks....yikes!

Love you all!! We can do anything.......always! :)


  1. It worked! Glad you got that little mini to help you out. You'll be great on Thursday, can't wait to watch you both. 2 of my favorite friends! :)

  2. Ooooo how fun to be on the craft channel - I am gonna be watching (and cheering you on) I-Pad mini - so fun :)