Sunday, October 28, 2012

blah blah blah (*&($@)*



 {  Sorry for the small pictures,,,,grrrrrrrr   }


Today was kinda blah for me.......
Wasn't feelin' it.
Well, the first part was anyways.
Till I got home and realized I wanted to share with the whole world how much my jacket costed me.
Left my pricetag on for church today.
Yes,  I bought it at Plato's.
Yes,  It was $14.00
and YES, its the cutest thing I own.
And now everyone knows...............good job Annie!

OR until I SAW THIS!
Abbie was watching a scary Movie.
Jax was playing XBOX.
Jax didn't want to hear the scary music...........:)
So I walked in and saw him with Charlee's hello Kitty Ear Muffs on.

OR until I got a Dt. Coke........:)
Or until I got take take pictures OF my sisters kids.
Ok, I lied-------My day wasn't so bad!

1 comment:

  1. I have the most beautiful kids!!!!!! LOL!
    I appreciate your talent Annie!!! You are awesome-sauce!