Sunday, February 24, 2013

6 and a half days

Its been 6 and a half days.
Boogers & snot.
High temperatures.
Ice cream.
Picking up tissues.
Sleeping and no sleeping.
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Id think we were past it..............but I was wrong.
And then wrong again.
So I just joined in......
{with the Ice cream part...of course...}
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My Sister came and snagged me for a quick trip to IKEA...
THIS mom needed a break!
They even surprised with me a BIG sonic when I reached the car.
I just wanted to take a DEEP big breath and enjoy every second.
And I did!
We ran down fast......speeded through the store and then home!
How you make a IKEA trip speedy is beyond me...
It just doesn't HAPPEN!

I managed to find some muchly needed things.......:)

Duvet covers and down comforters.
Church bag and a Knife set.

I know!


Finally bedding for the kids for Mikes place......:)
Its so empty------
My mind is excited to fill it up with odds and ends here shortly....
Ikea bedding is comfy!
I pretty much wanna die there.
We are on the mend......:)
Tomorrow is my BIRTHDAY and im ready to start a new crazy, wonderful, AMAZING WEEK!!!!


  1. You are simply inspiring.
    I love love love your new blog heading ❤
    If that's even what it is called...
    I am tempted to just turn my blog over to you for a makeover!
    You are darling and I want to be your BFF.
    That's all!

  2. Happy happy birthday Annie. Love that you are decorating Mikes place... good things will come. And then you will be finding me a husband. Amen. Love you!