Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Places I may go!


There are things I will never take for granted again.
I have always been a thankful person...........but,
I think as life grabs us we tend to get caught up in the daily chaos and lose a little bit of gravity.
A little bit of purpose and a little bit of gratitude.
For me anyways......
Life sure grabbed me.....
I was thrown around a bit, {ok ALOT} but HOPE was never lost.
Gravity is settling in.....
and I have discovered my purpose.  Again.....
And I see the sunny side of HOPE.
Its funny when you look at your life, OR the ones you love dearly, its ALL about the simple things.
Forgiveness {BIG but simple}
The atonement
and for the big one?
oh my GOSHHHH choices!!!!!
I have seen in my own life.
And now seeing it in the eyes of someone I love so dearly!
If I could make a road map, I WOULD!
cuz I know these roads like the back of my hand now.....
I know the danger signs and ALSO know the path they lead you!
Pure JOY is being childlike to god with a smile on your face, AND doing his will.
Throwing your hands up in  DA AIR ---willing to listen and DO IT!
Your no longer a prisoner.
Your hopelessness turns into hope.
Your faith allows you to fly. 
Its real!
ITS for freeeeaking real!
These words make so MUCH sense to me now, more then they ever have!
I write them down often, cuz i don't want to ever forget.
We have GREAT power within us.
First, we have to want it.
Second we have to ask for it
Third we have to do the work for it!
that's all.........
Enough of that,

The 25th was my birthday----
I love my birthday.
Who doesn't!?
I'm 36 and ain't ashamed.....I like getting older!
Wrinkles and all!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Teaching her well.............
Missionary stuff......:)
Dinner, movies and a FULL busy day!
Happy Birthday to me!
Other randoms.....
Surprises from Mike from a quick trip to Cali to a UFC fight......
Don't ever leave your half full Dt. Coke in your car over night.......mmmkay?
Photobucket Photobucket
Dr Appts......
{you like how Jax just gets comphy? off..}
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Today is great!
I am preparing a newborn session this afternoon----
I made this little boy pixie hat out of some scraps I
Im nerdy I know....:)
Making my list and checking it twice!
Its been a while since I held a 7 day old baby........:)
Can't wait to smell him!

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  1. Happy Birthday to you! I have a daughter born in 1977 only in May. I also have a daughter named Annie. She was born in 1979. Hope your day was awesome! Mimi