Monday, April 8, 2013

Be a kind one.

I was going to blog on a TOTAL different subject tonight!
My heart was set on.......
"being Obedient to our GOALS"!
I helped my sister today on setting some goals and in return she HELPED me...
Go fig....
I want to sign up for some 10K's and Half marathons again this year and start running 9 to 11 miles on the think that I did that only 8 months ago, I almost can't believe it.
I want that excitement again, that reward, that RUSH and that dedication and therapy!
I miss it......
I miss my feed pounding the pavement and the loud music in my ears, its only ME and my legs!
Plus I need to shed this "Comfort" padding I have been hoarding to myself since October....  :)  Yes, hoarding!
Go away extra flub........I don't need you anymore.
It was a comfort protector I gathered up on my VERY
Anyways--------I will talk on that later....
But my HEART made a turn today------
and Now I'm going to shed some light on some inspiration!
Yesterday I shared my heart on "Creating a net" of people who inspire, uplift, build and fan your flame!
I have met a lot of instasista's {instagram friends as they say}  :)
Who I adore!
Uplift each other as woman and as mothers!
I have met one lady who decided to share her $1 a yard walmart knit fabric with me.....
I have made some Maxi skirts and she was so KIND to send me some in the mail cuz her walmart was cooler then MY walmart....{if that's even possible}
WAY cuter too!
So I get her sweet little box in the mail----
Filled with treasures and happiness!
I have to admit my heart was filled with JOY, like pounding and teary!
She doesn't know me.......but yet, took the time to shed alittle happiness and sunshine someones way!
The earrings I love-----
Going back 7 months ago, where I left all I owned in Texas and only bringing what I could fit in my car and my kids., I lost everything.
But I have talked about "Things" before, and they are ONLY things...... :)
Well, I don't own a pair of earrings.........{i know right?  lol}
So when I saw these two pair of earrings...SHE MADE, i was so so thrilled.
They mean something to me now...:)
I want to thank you 90 times a million for sharing your talents with me Andrea...:)
She is HERE
I am going to pay it FORWARD!
Pay the kind-ness FORWARD!
Where in YOUR life can you squeeze in a little "Pay it forward" with kindness?
As woman we can unite.......and share our LIGHT with others!
Why not?
We have enough Yucky-ness in the world!
And then go  "Pop some tags"
Thrifty style!

I reaaaaally wanted this fur vest.

Preparing for:
San Diego Trip {swimsuits}
Kindergarten  {birth certificate}
and to eat a maverick hot dog and have some Dt. Coke. aka poison!
AT least I can admit it......

Working in my dad's shop!

OOOOOOoooing over the SUNNY day!

My sweet little blondy-----

Singing my favorite song!
Rainy days and Mondays on a rainy Monday morning!! :)
Photobombed by Charlee!


Went out to dinner with friends and husbands and kids!!!

Used my wasabi {lol} TAPE to cover my Apple charger!
{thank you mighty pinterest}

Spoke to charlee walkie talkie style from the back seat to the front seat!
She has A LOT of important things to say ya know.......
Like....."MOM, zombies are coming"  "Over"
Me:  "Charlee, lets run for the hills"  "Over"
Kids and friends saw "THE Croods".
I cried!
They laughed...:)

I made a MAXI!
{thank you pinterest again}

We had Hello Kitty pancakes!!!
Charlee was in heaven....
Jax, was humiliated.....
Jax is into BALL lately and Mike is grabbing it by the HORNS!
Meet "Hello Kitty West"
"Tiny West"


Charlee is on BOARD TOO...
Double excitement for DAD!!!!
Made cookies for Grandpa West who is 96 years old...:)

SPOON full of sugar..........umm, literally!

Wanted to ship her to china this day!
One way postage!
NO returns!
Seriously, I wanted to pull her hair and then kiss her.
Pull her hair---kiss!
PULL HAIR and then smoootch her face!



  1. XOXOXOXOXOXOX!!!!! I was talking to my hubby last night (He didn't get home til 1:30am. I stayed up to talk to him... Paying for that this morning.), telling him about how fantastic yesterday was. I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm a little crazy. Which is fine. And probably true. Anyway, he asked if there was a reason I added extras to the box.

    There wasn't, really. I just knew how excited I would be to get a box of goodies, just for me. And so I hoped you would too. And I'm so glad it brought a little sunshine to you! It makes my heart so stinkin' happy. :) My only regret is that I didn't toss in a couple more pairs of earrings! Yellow doesn't match everything, even though I kind of pretend it does...

    Hope y'all haven't been buried in snow or blown away up there!

  2. Love your cute Maxi - What a fun surprise package - You are loved :) Hey we need to get together soon and have you show me how you did those cute knit-knotted headbands - Love!!