Friday, August 2, 2013

Be the GOOD!

Today I got up early......
Got myself super
Headed to My sister in laws house picked her up, and headed to the Bountiful Temple to see a sign that says "Temple closed till next Thursday"  GAH!
So sad!!
So we decided to head to the Centerville DI and do some thrifting!
Why not?  :)
What I found:
I am in Love with Granny Silk shirts lately!
I found two pencil skirts today and this vintage shirt and belt.
I need to pick up a off white Downeast T, super see through and SUPER amaze-balls!

Date nights are so super sacred!
With Mikes work schedule, we have to be super creative!!!!
So Yesterday we did a little school supply shopping at
So super romantic!
But we were together which is all that matters, Kissin on Isle 5!!


I was asked to speak in Bearlake next month at a Woman's Retreat.
So I'm preparing notes and a BIO..
Super tricky, never done a BIO of myself.......makes me feel slightly silly!
I am super honored to speak tho, I'm not a speaker but I DO have so much to say that I have experienced over these last 3 years, this last YEAR especially.
To Literally build yourself from ground up, with nothing.
Gods plan is spectacular.  He knows what up!
He has my back......and will forever!------Only because I will not let him down.
Therefore, I got HIS back!
While I was listening to Inspirational music Charlee brings me this little guy she made.  Yup, he is peeing!
Love this girl of mine!  lol
{Jax excited to see Hobbit in December}
We took the kids to see "Turbo".
Determined little snail!  :)
Ready for the Ring story?
Abbie found a ring in the Layton Hills Parking lot!
She didn't think anything of it....
She picked it up and it fit her finger......She wore it around and one day when they were back at the mall she had a Jewelers look at it to see if it was even real.
Well, he estimated it to be approx a $3000 ring.
It was beautiful!!!
I put it on my Instagram feed and on KSL classifieds.
My friend put it on FB classifies....and I also called the news.
Literally TWO days later I had a email from a lady, asking if it was hers....describing the ring in detail.
Come to find was HERS!!!
Lost it over a month ago thinking it was forever gone......Devastated!


We quickly met up!
She was VERY emotional and shaking!!!
We hugged and are now going to be forever friends!  :)
I think this did MORE for me, I was on a high for days!

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  1. Yet again, you inspire me. (oh and did I mention you are just so cute!!!)