Wednesday, December 4, 2013


We woke up with sore throats this morning----
and I indeed risked everyone's health and ran to Walmart spreading my lovely germs.  :)
I wanted us to have cute mugs with hot coco with candy canes to sooth our throats today!
I went in freezing 10 degree weather.......sacrifices I tell ya!
OH------and M&M's.
I came home to a package on my door step from a Instagram friend from Canada!
I have fallin in love with my insta-family-friends!
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Look at these treasures.......
Ok, my eyes welled up......BECAUSE, I got a hand written note.
You don't see those anymore, and also a little barrette JUST for charlee that was also hand written.
This ment so much to me!!
Cannot WAIT to wear this scowl scarf..{is that what they are called?}
It screams CUTENESS all over it!!
Its so THICK and soft....


Made ruffle curtains from a white sheet and added a fabric bunting banner.......easy and cheap!

Charlee wants to sew SO badly......
She is my crafting sidekick........If i craft I have to keep her busy with projects too, and its usually on the floor RIGHT next to me!

Jax enjoying one LAST Utes game with his bestie!!!

Charlee has her ABC'S down-----
I remember months ago I had to help her create this bath time masterpiece, not anymore!

Usually when we "Nest" its when we are pregnant, or in my sisters case she did when we was expecting her return missionary.
Woman get this natural instinct to "mother" and "Nurture".
The last 3 years have been a hard adjustment for our family, moved MANY times.
In my case, married and trusted a complete CREEP-O with no soul {yup, I said it} and moved to Texas and left shortly after leaving everything I own everything!
{ok, now I feel bad for saying that  lol----but its true, and I have prayed for his lost, mean, yucky, satan soul}
Then being reunited with my ex husband and getting re-married.
Trying to find our "PLACE" in this life lesson, has been rough.
 Trying to re-build, literally from scratch!
We are FINALLY in a spot where things are feeling like "Home" again.......even tho we are currently looking for a home to buy it still feels right and good and safe and..........amazing!!!.
We see and feel the blessings!!!! { I wanna scream that }
Jax and charlee are happy........and I tearfully am happy for them!
So back to the nesting-------
I made these little pillows for charlee's bed yesterday.
Been slowly creating a little "girly" space for her.
The little things you become thankful for, that I didn't notice before.
This HAPPY space makes her happy, I can tell.....because I find her here often.
Reading, coloring, doing barbies hair,  snuggling with Mabel and asking me to lay with her, here.
I feel like I am doing exactly what I should be doing....
and that its ALL going to be ok.......:)
She wanted a cloud pillow......
and a cat pillow.....{ which I was excited for}

Love her!  Like alot!

Its time again for BENNY to visit again.....:)
This morning I found him in my sewing stuff......
I was told Santa was too cheap to provide winter attire and he was COLD flying back and forth to the North Pole each night.....
So he took matters into his own hands...
I don't  blame him...

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  1. I just LOVE your life LOL :-) Your such an inspiration and I so admire you for ALL you've been through and have WON!!!! You are AWESOME!! Wish I had Instagram . . . I've seriously missed you on your blog!!!!