Friday, October 26, 2012

A BOOK????

No, Im not writing a book!
I should tho........
Only laughing cuz I dunno what else to do......:)
Humm,  wonder what I would call my book?
I came across something wonderful last night before bed!
A book!
what the.....
5x5 book with 40 pages for 10.99?
Are you kidding?
I will sleep better at night ...  :)
look how cute the details are.......
Hope it makes you seriously as happy as it has me.
Dear Santa,
I want 9 books please!
sonic is the best company at the dentist office.
 Look mom at the brains on these teeth......

Abbie and I indulging in a little  "Newsies".
Late night cookies and meeeeeelk,  for me!!!!

Old sweaters cut into leg warmers for Gail and Charlee!

Fall Morning.

Donut face.

Find Charlee!

Lazy cold day.

My box has snow......

Charlee watching the flakes fall.......

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