Monday, November 26, 2012

Its that time!!!

 {thank you pinterest}
{Thank you dad's shop }
{ Thank you sewing Machine }
 {Thank you me for finding these }
{Thank you Mike for buying wood and sketching out a plan on paper }
{ thank you cute things }
I'm PROUD to say----
Christmas shopping is almost complete!
You can high five me later!
I have a few more stragglers to cross off my list, BUT its not even December yet, and I'm 88% done.
Go me!
Couldn't have done it without THIS guy tho.......:)
Mike and I were out in my dads shop last night cutting wood to make these fantastic tents for Jax and Charlee-----
Cute huh?
I know.  :)
I love pinterest!
So, we made a few CUTS.
Grabbed a DT. coke.
and watched the 7th episode of season 3 of 
 "The Walking Dead"
AHHHH----How can I wait another whole week.???
The torture!
I admit it-------Im addicted to Zombies!

Charlee met a little friend!
We didn't shower this day!
I didn't go shopping after the thanksgiving madness sales.....
I wasn't interested.
I got what I needed withOUT the sales and freezing in line and getting kicked in the nose and stuff out of my cart gets stolen and drinking my 9th rock star and then coming home and sleeping half the day!
Nope-----I oped out!
We chill-axed--------and I made a DI run the next day and found this AMAZING ugliest fantastic winter sweater.  I LOVE IT!
I almost love it more then Dt. Coke.
I said Almost!

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  1. ummm you two are so cute together. I hope you are enjoying hanging out with the kiddos etc ;) I need you to take some photos for me :) seriously.