Wednesday, December 26, 2012

He is my handsome! #9

Jax at his BEST!!











His bestie Caden......:)


{my most favorite picture...his 6 year old pictures..and it was cold and I made him stand there, and he is crying...MEAN MOM!}
I have this pictures mounted!  :)

Goals for TODAY!
Its snowing like magic outside this morning!
Today is so wonderful!
I will be taking some quick birthday pictures of Jax today!
He turned 9 on the 22nd!
He is my Christmas baby!
I remember sharing him with my family 9 years ago on Christmas eve when I got home!
Sporting a little green and red beanie the hospital gave me!
His best friend { His cousin Treavor who will be leaving on a mission Jan 30th } His birthday is the 23rd!  They are truely twins!
Saturday we ventured down to Mikes and planned a fun DAY for Jax.
Meet Caden!
Jackson's best friend through many years.....even tho we moved away we have tried very hard to make sure these two spend some quality "Game time" and "Lego time" and "fighting zombie's time".
So we invited him and his sister Mylee...:)
Fun Center!
Movie  "The rise of the guardians"  {LOVE }
And some "Xbox" time!



Jackson is Tender
Jackson knows EXACTLY who he is!
Jackson isn't afraid to be Jackson!
Jackson is content.
Jackson loves me.
Jackson is such a good boy!
Jackson is handsome!
Jackson is a protector of Charlee.
I absolutely LOVE raising him!
Happy birthday my most favorite BOY in the world!!!

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