Saturday, December 29, 2012

The morning of......


I'm not going to lie......
This Christmas has MADE an embedded mark on my heart!
It was so magical!
I'm not so sure what was so different from all the MANY Christmases in the past.
My heart is in a TOTALLY different place.
The excitement I got daily from Charlee and Jax  filled me.
COMPLETELY filled me!
They are so happy.....and their enthusiasm for life and the little things gives me  enthusiasm and makes me love life all over again!
These kids got an overload.....
AS they should....:)
All their toys were left in Dumb Ol' Texas!

with no faith that I will ever see anything again, and with the help of Mike------we made sure they were taken care of.
Santa is real....:)



 Charlee has spent  many hours with her doll house and barbies WITH an elevator just as she requested!
She things her " RollerSkapes" are pretty swell too......:)

Jax doesn't have a favorite toy....
He tells me everyday that this was the best christmas!
HE DOES spend alot of time with his new Itouch tho.....:)
Its a toss up--------Hobbit Lego city is pretty amazing too!!

I think My parents enjoyed having the morning excitement at their house once more.
Its been alot of years without the squealing and tearing into wrapping paper!
Kids bring the spirit of Christmas...........THIS, is true!

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