Saturday, December 29, 2012

Im Knee deep!

Oh, How I love snow!!
I even like the part where it takes 25 minutes to bundle up your kids.
45 minute of playing time.
and all night to dry out the snow clothes!
We got the Kids sleds!
We went night sledding----while it snowed and snowed.
happy dance!
I just sat and watched.
My throat got lumpy at times.......watching Mike play with his kids.
THEY laughed and laughed.
After an hour of play time, we came  in for warm baths and Hot cocoa!
I dunno what it is lately about my Jax and Charlee....
But I am just enjoying them more then I ever have.
We have so much fun together and I want them near to me always!

My nightly snack........
Chips and salsa and Dt. Coke!
Perfect as I sat and watched Jax play his new Halo 4 game on the xbox.....
Whats better then watching aliens die with GREEN BLOOD!


Mike and Charlee made a little Snowman.
CHARLEE'S first Snowman.....ever!
She named him Jack Frost.  :)
Complete with lego eyes and a lego nose.........
Snow was way too Mike had to find snow boulders for starters!
I wanna remember this picture my whole life!


FROZEN snow dingle berries.......:)

Cafe Rio......
Need I say more?
Don't be jealous..........

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