Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hashtags? #anyone

Happy Sunday!
My Sunday meetings didn't last long today.
My dad bore his testimony which left the whole congregation in tears....
Way to go father....:)
Then Jax quickly got up and excused himself to the Bathroom.......
um.......he never came back,
I went and checked on him, actually going IN the men's room 
to find Sick Jax.  :(
So I took him home.
I love hash tags....
I love Instagram.
I, got away from Facebook and I will NOT return.
I find it Unnecessary and extremely annoying!
Instagram?   I love it, I have created my own little woman's forum for us mothers.
I have became friends with many who I haven't ever met.
And small businesses who are starting to thrive, and its exciting to see them take off.
And I love HASHTAGS.
Mostly cuz I have some freaking FUNNY
its like subliminal messages on the side.....:)
So lets HASHTAG it out........shall we?   #donttellmewhattodo
YOU had me at hello!
I ripped open my bag, pulling out two sweatshirts.
One red
One grey
Oooh the fabric!!!........its amazing.
I slept in one last night,
Thinking how I could pull off wearing it to church today!
Honestly, I really did....
And I will STILL continue to figure out how I can.
My $4 polkadot DI skirt won over the hello sweatshirt tho, for this sunday anyways!
If you tag @helloapparel on instagram they will mention your picture wearing their products.  :)
Jax had Parent Teacher conference, I was so excited this time around to see how he is progressing.
He has sure come ALONG way,   Love this kid.
He is so smart and weird.
His teacher told me she can't wait to hear his stories and has never had a child like this in her class.
and so strange...and so confident with it all!
Adore him!
I let them play out in the back of the school for a while after, Jax had to show me  his  "Club" slide......You can only go down it if your in the CLUB.
I sure hope he let everyone IN this secret club!
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
This secret VALENTINES kitchen and stove are coming along better then I hoped!
I'm just so EXCITED.........11 more DAYS!!!
She Might fall over and die.
I don't wait around for my dad much to help me......I kinda just been figuring it out on my own.
Altho he has been showing me the ropes in his shop.  :)
These darling little faucets are from My dad's hotel building he owns up in Brigham City on main street.
This building was build in 1906.
OLD faucets....
I soaked them all night in Vinegar and lemon juice.
Scrubbed and buffed!
and WA---LA!
Photobucket Photobucket
I am doing the finish touches now....
I will post when finished.
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Charlee reeeeeeeeeeeally wanted this Hat at Target.
Umm, it was like 9 sizes too small, so the answer was no!
She didn't like that Answer
So she followed me around the store crying and whining.......
It was Awesome.
So I whipped out my camera and started to take pictures.
That cured her. 
Photobucket Photobucket
Why Am I full of lam-o stories?
I bought some MINT fingernail polish at Charlotte Russ.
I get home and started to paint......and the bottle collapsed.
I didn't even touch it.
So I only got ONE paint job out of it.
Seriously love this mint...........Reminds me of my 80's Bedspread!
This was my Friday Night.


  1. Enjoy those darling kids. They grow up too fast. Mimi

  2. #ilovehashtagstoo #mysissymakesfunofme #itssofuntowritesublimely #loveit! #loveyou!

  3. I want to do the hashtag thing but I am not on instagram.....I am lame-O. I LOVED mint in the 80's. It was my favorite color next to peach. Ohhhhh Yaaaaaa!