Friday, February 1, 2013

Hello-----------Its Feb.

Feb.......IS HERE!!!
This is 100%  my favorite month of the WHOLE year.
Not only is it my birthday month, and my daughters birthday month, and two of my sisters birthdays, and 3 nieces birthdays, and my mostest favorite Holiday EVER!.....VALENTINES!
Feb makes me so happy.
I have alot of favorite things I love.
Sites I adore and people I follow.
But I will spread them out through the month and just share a few today for you to fall in love with.

Hello Apparel
I just ordered myself some Hello......:)

These guys are local.........with DAILY deals that come to your email.
Support the locals......:)

Pick your plum
Hope you find some yummy treasures!!!
Cheers to the month of hearts!

1 comment:

  1. Love these -
    Thinkin' of ya - Hope things are well :) Breakfast at Cracker Barrel sometime!!!