Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Let her sleep.............

........for when she wakes,
she will move mountains!
Have you ever sat and just watched your child sleep?
Like a scary creepy stalker mother!
No, but really--------
Try it!
{go take pictures of your kids asleep}
She is so beautiful to me.

Photobucket Photobucket

With two small heart kisses on her head!
AND yes, I will let her sleep....
Gives me some time in the morning to get work done.
Cuz when she wakes..............SHE DOES MOVE MOUNTAINS!
I dunno why I am so attached to this little one.
Is this what happens when you have one last one at home?
When they are the baby?
I call her my baby.  I probably will even on her wedding day.
I don't want her to leave me................
I'm being extremely sappy right now, but I don't.
I only have a few more months until her life changes forever.
She will have rounds of surgeries for her ear.
 and she will start Kindergarten.
She will make friends and I will not be her best friend anymore.
I only have a short little while with this little blond hair blue eyed girl all to myself all day!
AND believe me I am savoring it!
Given the last three years have been hard I tend to
beat myself up.......alot.
I have FINALLY, and I mean finally come to a place where I don't.
AND will not.....
I see the blessings.
And they will continue.  {faith}
Somethings I won't see now, or maybe not even in 5 years,
OR maybe not even in this lifetime.
But they will come.
I cannot change things now......
I can only try and make things beautiful from THIS day on.
When you live in darkness  You feel dark.
When you live in light.  You feel sunshine each day!

Below you will see my little Instagram snap shot.
See me?
Oh hello ME!
If ya wanna follow me on my Instagrammy
I am Nanniegoat35.
Do it....mmmkay?
Ok----sending these beauties out the door.
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Gold Glittery deer?
A friend of mine said that glitter was her favorite color.  {hi ali}
I can't agree more, You can NEVER go wrong with a little sparkle.
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
This picture MELTS ME!!
We received a letter from ELDER GREEN, from the MTC
If you remember the bond these two have, you can only imagine the excitement for Jax to read this letter when he got home from school yesterday!
Elder Green even mentioned his name.
Jax's face BEAMED!
So he colored him {Above} a missionary picture to send.
The ps. says  "thanks for the letter"
Missionaries, sharing the light to the world.
Love it!
Can't wait to have one of my own!


  1. I hear ya. I don't want my little ones to grow up and leave me either. Just this afternoon at lunch I made my 5 year old promise to never get married. But if he did I get to choose his wife! Do you think I can hold him legally to the oral contract?

  2. LOVE MY DEER!! So excited looking at him...can't wait to bring him home :)

  3. Where can we purchase your lovely signs?