Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sending some love from SD.......

I have made a decision since leaving Utah last Friday I would not post on my blog or Instagram...........

I wanted to be "in the moment" here with my family in beautiful SAN DIEGO!
Not wandering around on the Internet! ;)

I'm finding it hard since I love keeping in touch my with sweet friends.......and I have took probably over 200 pictures since heart wants to live and I am so excited to share!
I have emailed my sisters and parents daily with updates and pictures of our continual activities.
Is never ending........we are in TOTAL heaven and this is exactly what our little family needed. It's what mike and I needed. :)
The scenery of the ocean every morning, I open our front door so I can hear the waves crashing in as i sit and enjoy a cold dt. Coke.

Here is two eye candy pictures........
And for all those instagrammers and blog lovers.....,,I will return soon! For now I will put my iPad away and go enjoy the sand with my littles for a couple more days!! Xoxox

I "heart" the beach.
Got up early for a temple session with a sweet friend of mine who lives here. Never been to the San Diego temple! I'm so glad I had the opportunity to go! Memory locked away forever!

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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the San Diego Temple!! & San Diego for that matter! It's where the Hubs & I honeymooned ....on the beach.... It ROCKED! That place is Gorgeous!!! Glad your having fun & I totally agree with being "in" the moment! Good Choice!!!