Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Can I have an order of sand?


7 days in San D isn't and wasn't long enough!  We could have easily stayed 2 or 3 more days.
Or.................possibly forever.
If you follow my in Instagram you have already seen these daily's I posted....
If you are not following me on Insta..........WHY NOOOOOOOT?

Jax dove right in the ocean, with NO fear of the current!
Couldnt get enough of the water, and couldn't get him out!  :)
Charlee found a snail and named him Gary.
Found some heart rocks, Kissed on the beach, saw a wedding on the beach, washed
100 gallons of sand down our shower drain.
Jax asked if that's where the PIMPS live as we drove past Vegas!  :)

Ice cream on the pier, went to the beach three times, walked along the beach front and shopped, An Asian lady who worked in the shops fell in love with jax and charlee, we took a pic with her!  lol
A hairy old bum wouldn't stop talking to Charlee!
We went shell hunting.
Watched the sunset together.
Feet hurt and we got sunburned!
Love San Diego weather-----its so breezy and cool yet warm!  ALL YEAR LONG!
Kissed on the beach some more!  :)
Lego LAND DAY!!!
Super over stimulated and charlee pouted and called mike "da da" all day. lol
Panned for gold. traded Lego figures through out the day, Star Wars was the BEST, ate $30 hamburgers, met a family from W. Jordan, met a family from Australia--Mike loved that since he served his mission there!
Got DRENCHED {see pic above} on one ride! We could wring out our clothes!
Charlee was so bossy to Jax and she needed to apologize and she says  "Fine, i will tomorrow!!"
Got their faces drawn and I cried---looks so much like them!
she even got Jax's nose perfect and his moles, and also Charlee's peanut ear and blue eyes!
I seriously am in love with it!!!

I loved how we didn't "Plan" most of our days here----
So we just did what sounded fun that day!  Sleep in, make breakfast, open the doors and smell and hear the ocean crash in.......
I started off this day with a HS classmate who lives here, picking me up and we headed to the temple, with lunch afterwards and SPRINKLES CUPCAKES to follow!
We drove a few minutes to La Jolla shores, and saw the sea lions---who were stinky!
Found more seashells and the La Jolla sand is AMAZING!!!
Played tackle football on the grass near the beach, watched the sunset, and old gypsy lady we bought stuffed sea lions from  "read" us---it was kinda creepy how well she pegged each one of us!
Oh, hello shamu!  :)
Sea World DAY!!! We loved shamu, those killer whales are HUGEEEE!
He got us super wet too!  :) Jax and I rode alot of rides, the MANTA and ATLANTIS rides were the coolest ever....... We fed Batrays and charlee got soaked in Squid juice...Held starfish, jax took it out of the water....when the sign right above him said "please leave starfish in the water, that's how they breath"  LOL!
Hammer head sharks were Jax's favorite part!
Dancing at every speaker in the park while we walked around was charlee's favorite part.
We took plenty of video!  lol

Another FREE whatever day!!
We drove to Coronado and played at a park over looking a bridge and sailboats!
Went to Sea Port village and dodged the patrol police so we could ride our scooters...:)
Mike and the Kids climbed trees, had a picnic, got lost, got lost again, played ball on the beach. went shopping and got the CUTEST sweatshirt I have ever seen!
Had another SANDY shower.....beginning to hate sand!  :) Sandy bum cracks hurt!
Grilled hamburgers and watched Ace Ventura!  lol

 Final day
Saddness.......We didn't want to leave!
We  took advantage of the beach one last time....Drove to a different La Jolla beach and the kids played on the play ground near the ocean, played in the water, water was so warm there! I found two tiny sand dollars, caught the tiny sand crabs, grabbed pizza and headed back to the beach house where I wrote the owners a nice thank you letter...:)
We were on the road by 9:00 at night and drove through the night.
ONLY one potty break, as the kids slept the whole way home!  12 hours went QUICKLY!
I was and AM so thankful we were able to make this trip together...
It surely set us as a family and Mike and I on the right path.
WE needed it! 
It will always be remembered!
West adventures never end......
Til next year, we will be BACK!


  1. Love all these photos! You guys look like you had such a good time. San Diego is awesome. Except when I went, 911 happened, so I got stuck there for a few extra days...and that would have been fun but they closed EVERYTHING. So we just sat around and watched Sopranos ;-)

  2. Looks like you had a great time in San Diego. Such a great town and you have such a cute little family. Mimi