Thursday, May 16, 2013

sissy time!!

The love I have for my sisters can NOT be described!
I cannot explain very well, what it IS that we have.
A Unity, a cheer section with compassion and concern and we ONLY want whats in the highest good for each other!
We went to the BYU Woman's Conference in Provo two weeks ago together!
We decided to do "Sister gifts" it was so FUN to sit around and cry as we opened each others well thought out gift.
I wanted a saying to attach to my gift and what I came up with i feel best describes us!
"We are best friends, because we CHOOSE to be"
We haven't always got along, our teenage years weren't the best.
"Those are MY FREAKING SOCKS!"  "I will punch you so hard"
As we are Mothers and our kids get older we rely on each other MORE then ever.
For advice and for a crying shoulder!
We are friends because this is what WE WANT.  :)
It was a great few days of Sister time, and spiritual overflowing! 

We kinda bombbarted Instagram with posts...:)
I bought a David Bowman Print and had some sign it!
He was there!
isn't it BEAUTIFUL?
I still cry every time I look at it!
It reminds me of my children, especially my oldest!
She will SOON find her this gave me HOPE!

Lemons sours to keep us going during classes!
We all stood as Pre. Henry B Erying walked in to speak!
He was Amazing as always!


My first Jamba!
True story!

 We can't be together without being UGLY!
Its a rule!
That a farting and making horrid laughing sounds!

I bought My first IPHONE!
Hello, Iphone5----I love you!

Notes , notes, notes!!!!
Embrace the life you have been given, own it, LOVE IT!!!
Choose joy!
Not only should you walk with god, you should RUN WITH GOD!

iphone sisters.....
Technology is seriously taking
Instagram anyone?



This is NOW a tradition!
Forever and ever and ever!!!!!  :)
5 sisters!

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