Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Life with charlee-----

Tried to start off this day right!
Needed some Spiritual Courage.......
The words that came to me today is this:
"be kind to yourself"
I need reminding of that!
Life with this little one is delicious!
She knows what SHE wants, WHEN she wants it and HOW she wants it!
We have to be quick, if we don't help on her time she will figure it out on her own!
Love her!
She is completely exhausting and i will miss this time with her one day!  lol

 Mowing the lawn like a Viking!
love her hat!

3 hours of this game.........3 HOURS!!!!!

She talks in "Spanglish"
Of course she does!  lol

Fishing on our way to the store!!!
My brother in law matt finished the Ogden City Marathon Sat!
His first since the Boston!
It was an emotional one.......seriously SO PROUD!!!!

I love Mikes Humor!
His favorite Seinfield poster...I had it framed!

I love logan CITY!!!!!
My 4th year back------Doing their annual police banquet!
The chief of police and I go way back.....
To the time we wore my rainboots!  :)
Love him and love shooting this event!

My sister Kristi, 911 operator!

Planting a garden with gramps in my Ballet outfit!

Autumn Was my date to the Banquet!

Found my whole outfit in an hour and a half!
THATS what I get for leaving it for the day of.........
can you say procrastinator????

And-------Shopping with her!
Makes me laugh!

The usual!
picnic with her animals!

and the toothfairy ROCKED it this time!

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