Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Random things in the West!

Ya know,  things are so GOOD!
Life is still beautiful even on the stormy days!!

Brigham has White coconut BACK at sonic!

Jax got a 100% on his spelling test!
This is A REALLY big deal!

Lalaloopsie and Charlee are helping Grandma pick out flowers!!  :)



Late night tea party for one!

My sister picks me up for the temple wearing what I am wearing!
we giggled all morning!

Charlee runs her own life!
she dug out carrots and brought them in to wash, on her OWN!
"Well, i wanted some"  she says!

Jackson did a report on his "Hero"
He chose His best friend and cousin Elder Treavor Green who is now serving a mission in Orlando, Florida!
The write up he wrote on his own is will bring tears to your eyes!
The way he looks up to Elder Green and the respect he has for him melts me.
They are literally best friends!

Signed up for the Salt lake City cottenwood half marathon in September!
Pretty EXCITED!!!!!



This is how much charlee loves her dad!
AND THIS IS how much her dad loves HER!!

Early morning Temple run!
With a Sonic as a treat afterwards!
I love having the Brigham Temple 5 minutes away!!!!!

Isn't this picture ALL SUMMER?
love it!
Spent mothers day with sisters and parents and listening and watching
many tears and excitement!!!


So thankful for my family and for my sisters!!
AND for a loving god!  :)

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