Friday, June 28, 2013

Happy happy JOY JOY!

We kinda lucked out this year with Syracuse days.
Right behind Mikes Place, we watched for 2 days as they set up the carnival...
ANXIOUS kids watching in awhhh........
We walked over last night, right as the 100 degree sun was was nice.
The first night it opened....
 The crowds will NOT come till today and tomorrow---WE, are the smart ones!
We did not wait in lines for rides OR a carmeled Apple!  {Pffft, HECK ya i had one!}
The Little's rode almost every ride.
While me and the Mr, held hands and walked around.

I love having things to look forward too.....
It gives me both anxiety and EXCITEMENT!
I will be shooting a beautiful temple wedding in 2 weeks.
Things are up and rolling in "Mike and Annie's " world!
I talked Photography with a friend over Cafe Rio today!
Tomorrow my Niece will be baptized and I will meet a GREAT lady friend from far away tomorrow I have come to love on Instagram.
I have upcoming activities planned with my 4 best friends...MY sisters!  :)
Family Dinners in the works...
Kids to kiss, a MAN I adore and wanna squeeze his face off.
It like never ends.....
We have heart ache......yes.
But we also can have JOY!
Most of it is ONES we can and are allowed to create.
Life isn't always lolly pops and unicorns!
We are all fighting battles....usually quiet ones.
The ones we cry about when we are finally alone in the car...
Or the ones we lock ourselves in the bathroom only cuz its the ONLY quiet place we can find to fall on our knees and ask for help, guidance and direction!!!
Or how you can actually "Throat punch" that "Someone"
In the nicest, kindest way possiable!  lol

But we also have Joy's.....
 Take a minute, and think of yours.
Write em down....

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  1. Such a great idea! I'll be writing my blessings and joys in my journal tonight! Mimi