Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fall nesting-----and running a race!

oh MY gosh-----
every day for the past two weeks I have been feeling guilty for not blogging or journaling!
Ive been in a nesting state lately, right after the HALF marathon.
Ive been kinda just vegging at home with my kids---Simplifying, Ive loved it.
I did something I have never done before....
I wanted a bench for my porch.
I went to Lowes.......got my wood.
Drove to my dads and worked in his shop.....
He wasn't even there......lol
I made up the measurements as I went, and WA-LA!
Made it all by myself.
I was seriously so proud!
My mom was there luckily to help me screw in the legs and hold the sides to nail in.

Painted it gray.
and I LOVE IT!
No one else has stuff on their porch here-----I feel kinda dumb.
But kinda rock-star-ish at the same time!
COME-ON people, put your cute stuff out! sheesh-----
So Ive been DIEING to talk about my Half Marathon I ran on the 14th Of Sept.
Im all healed and feelin Fine......
13.1 on my toes!
My pictures DID not upload in order.....gah!
Hate that!
Hopefully you can follow the story... :)

Up at 3:30 A.m
Riding the bus up the canyon with 4000 other runners.......wow!
Its early---but the Adrenalin is a pumpin'  :)
The day after the race.......
I could NOT walk... :(
the intense down hill for 10 miles killed my shins and feet......
Gimpy Annie----
So we watched alot of movies!

Is she not the cutest?
Day before the race, Offical check in!

After the RACE!
in Order:
Nephew Landon---Half race time 1:43
ME--Half race time 2:08
Sister Keri---Same
Brother in law Matt--- Full marathon time 3:23.
and its Official, he GOT into the BOSTON marathon again for next year!

Waiting up in the canyon for over and hour before race begins....
It was cooooooold!!!

Tin foil blankets as far as you can see....... :)

Loading up on CARBS the night before at the Spaghetti factory!


Matt crossing the finish line....checking his time.
See Landon on the right?  with his fist pumping? 


Nothing like SWEATY hugs!
Its seriously the best after going through it......
Its emotional watching the FULL marathoners cross!
SO inspirational......and crazy!  :)

This picture speaks a thousand words....
The first picture was Mile 9 and feeling great!!!
The mountains and smell of pine was so refreshing.
Keri and I ran side by side the whole way.
The second picture was the stretch before the finish line.
At mile 12 Keri had to give me a pep talk.  She made me dig deep and find My inner strength to pull this last mile off.
MAN, this was hard. :(
The last stretch, seeing the people along the sides cheering and saying GO BOSTON STRONG sure helped.
Keri said....Ok, give it all you got Annie, we can do this!
WE grabbed hands and ran our little hearts out.
I cried......not only because I KNEW I could do it.  I trained for this......and I knew I could!!!
But, having my sister by my side was the best feeling in the world.  It represented me and My sisters.....constantly pushing each other across the finish line.   Always!
What a great ending!!!

4 days later After I recovered, Mike took me out on a date!
Couples massage and chips and salsa........He knows my heart!


  1. Annie-I have followed your blog lately because a friend was telling me about your photography which I absolutely LOVE!!!!! Anyways, just wanted to let you know I know EXACTLY where you live only because the other night driving out of Wendy's I noticed your cute porch and absolutely LOVED IT!!! I had no idea it was yours until I saw your photo on your blog! I had no idea we lived so close I am in Syracuse too! Small world! Thanks for sharing your cute ideas! p.s. do you have a photography website? Thanks!

  2. Super impressive! Love that you had your sister by your side. Love that you decorated your porch. Mimi

  3. Rockstar All.the.way!!! Bench, run, sisters, Love it all! :) UR amazing and I love reading! #metuatbrendassale #nolongerastalker #sisterloverocks #ihavealotofsisters