Tuesday, December 3, 2013

miss mabel

It happened!!!!
AFTER weeeeeeeeks of searching and a gazillion emails and hours of website searches, I found her!
Meet Mabel!
She is an exotic shorthair Persian.
Mike bought her for me, he has fallin in love with her and walks around cradling her like a baby speaking baby talk......
shhhhhh, dont tell!
WE all are sooooo in love with her!
I didn't realize how baby hungry I was til we got her.......she is a spoiled thing!
Next best thing to a baby....lol
Im kinda proud to admit that I am NOW a cat mom!
and own many cat shirts and sweaters cuz well----thats what cat moms DO!

She likes Dt coke.
She definitely belongs to me!
Don't tell me you don't just love her......
Even if you shoot cats, and wanna hit them with your car.


1 comment:

  1. So, so cute!!! and I LOVE that she loves Diet Coke! :-)