Monday, December 9, 2013

tears and Christ....

The title of this post was kinda
sounds all deep and spiritual....
its not....  :)
Jax hasn't had dental work for years.....
We haven't done cavities for a while!
Um.....he is almost 10...{in 13 days}
and to watch him try and be so big and brave and self talk his way through this anxiety he was feeling was so sweet and tender and CUTE!
as his eyes close------quietly, tear after tear would fall from the sides of his eyes.
squeezing my hand.......
GAH------I want to just freaking HUG THIS kid..............forever!
love him!
I was talking to my sister in law Ali on the way down the first presidency Christmas devotional.....
We discussed ways to remember the true meaning of Christmas....
I was struggling with ways to make it NOT all about presents.
Altho its what makes it magical for little children.
Ive been thinking alot about this.
Ali said it PERFECTLY...

"Annie, don't change anything.....just add MORE Christ"
Love it. 
I will let you know what we do.......:)

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  1. Read the book "A Christ Centered Christmas" by Emily Freeman! It is amazing, I started this last year and my kids were dying for me to start it this year!