Monday, February 24, 2014

Passion for knowledge.....

I've never had the passion or reading......
To be honest, I have never read the B OF M all the way through...
Ive tried.....I could probably recite 1st and 2nd Nephi to you.  lol
My word for the year is "REACH".
Reach for Education-----
Funny how this all came about.
on Instagram @bofm365 is the NEATEST thing to follow.
Who ever created it, I want to hug them to death!
They post daily what we need to read in the scriptures, and then everyone comments about what they read and what it means to them!
I cry every morning when I do my scripture study....
I am filling up my scripture pages too fast, I have had to carry around a book of Mormon journal I created to add additional notes.
What I feel when I read the comments from everyone's experiences blows me away.
My heart wants to jump out of my chest...
I feel the passion, the love and the EXCITMENT of everyone doing this together.
Strangers all over the world, helping each other learn more about our savior.
So---------I am addicted!!!!
NO, LIKE way addicted.
What I have felt in my home the last week I can't even explain.
House of order
House of calmness
House of peace
And a house that is protected!




So-----if you aren't following them on Insta....
Do it now!
NO need to catch up, just start today!
Oh and then follow me too-----lol and say HI!

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  1. wow finally got me inspired to study the book of mormon AND go on instagram, thanks.
    hey, love the scripture art work, somehow it wouldn't be YOURS without all the art going on.