Monday, February 24, 2014


There is a lot of passions going around our house lately.....
This post Will be about the kids....
Next post I will talk about my latest passions....:)
As we all know Abbie is an amazing artist.
I pray this will be her "LIGHT" in her life.
It makes her so happy and it also heals some deep emotion she carries.
I have been so proud of her the last few weeks.
She glows!

Mabel and I!

Charlee wants to do whatever Abbie is doing......
And I mean EV-ER-RE-THING!

My friend and I decorating Jax's teacher door for Teacher Appreciation week!!!
It turned out so CUTE!!!!!!!
Abbie and I on out way to the dentist----getting our buckies cleaned!

Jax's passion for creating such AMAZING, crazy Lego creatures.

Me: Charlee why is there a fork in your bed?
Charlee: Its a Dinglehopper mom!
OHHH------of course it is charlee.  duh!

Charlee and Abbie doing MORE art!!!!
Love this water color app on my Iphone.......
its called "waterlouge" if your interested!!!

I got my bunzies in GEAR and printed over 200 of my instagram pictures!
bout time.....I can't wait so long next time!!!!
This pic is me at my finest!  :)

This boy--------
Love his Organized life......
I found his Ipod before school last week.....
Laughed all morning!
Another GREAT piece from Abbie-----
LOVE the deep emotion this OWL carries.......

"Goodbye kitty------see you after school, my love"
On our way to go pick up Abbie from school,
she packed well.
Extra pair of socks and GUM!
Ya never know........

More passion-----

 They played Lego's all night!!
And I LOVED walking by my new Temple canvas Mike bought me for our Anniversary!
No, like LOVE!!
Makes my eyes leak.
That amazing building brings miracles!

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