Thursday, December 20, 2012

5 more days? REALLY?

This just got real!
5 more days peeps.......:)
Im not sure I want Benny to leave our family quiet yet......:(
The kids have LOVED HIM!
and to be honest, I kinda have grown fond!

Cowboy and Indians?

 Hot cocoa is DEF on an Elf's top 5 food

I hope Jax or Charlee don't look at our blog for a few days!
I worked so hard on these and they worked out just as I imagined in my head!
Jax has been into reading the  "Diary of a whimpy kid" books lately, So I think I have a hunch of where he will be cuddled up reading!!
I got them BIG pillows for inside!  :)

Christmas is DONE for me!
I am completely done.....not ONE more thing to wrap!
and NO, not all my presents look like
Just a few Important peeps....:)
Santa was tired and the kids presents look like a 2 year old wrapped them!.
Not.   Even.   Kidding.   :)

I will end today with sweet charlee!
She wrote her NAME!
I love her!
Have a happy day!
This weekend is going to be AMAZING!
Jax is turning 9.


  1. Merry Christmas Annie! Have a super wonderful deserve it! And me and my kids have L.O.V.E.D. each and every one of your Elf posts. Benny is the best and oh so hilarious! :)

  2. So fun running into you yesterday- wish I would have looked as cute as you ;) After all these years we finally met in Target no less, one of my favorite happy places. Hope you survived your day of shopping. Will you send me a copy of the pic, pretty please.