Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Microtia {little ear}

Mike and I took Charlee down to the ENT  yesterday afternoon!
We both had a LOT of questions.....
Need a GOOD ENT? Dr. Neil Van Leeuwen!
and he talks to the kids like Donald Duck....he sounds like the REAL DEAL!!!
His nurse was so cute with Charlee and told her how beautiful her ear was and it reminded her of a fairy.  Charlee's eyes got BIG and she smiled.
The proper name for her ear is called  "Microtia" pronounced ' My-crow-sha.'
means "little ear"  :)
We made an appt with Dr.Muntz down at Primary Children's Hospital!
Her appt is scheduled for  Jan 3rd!
whoa.......this is happening too fast.  :(
Step one-----Talk Dr. Muntz ear off and get a time line of these events!
Step two---- She will be put under and have a MRI done to educate the Dr's on what parts she has inside her inner ear and what she doesn't have.
and if her ear canal is open or full of bone!
We are HOPING and praying for ALL HER PARTS and an open canal!!!  :)
She hears so well, so we are hopeful!
Step three------I dunno that far.
I do know they will be taking cartilage from 3 or 4 ribs to create the ear.
Also know they will be making a hole in her ear.
I also know they will need to do a skin graft to create more skin for her.
And I do know that the surgeries are going to be many in the next couple years.

Ive been doing alot of Googling this morning and You tubing to find before and after pictures and the actually procedure.
Some of them made me cringe but I had to push through and watch them.  I wanna know EXACTLY what Charlee has to go through!
I found this sweet little story.....
Makes my eyes leak!


  1. That's who we saw too. He is always. He took Niles adenoids out. Kenzie has seen Dr. Smith at primaries and it was a really great experience. I love them own there.

  2. We will keep her in our prayers! Xoxo