Sunday, December 30, 2012

its Dairy.....right?

Ice cream for breakfast!
Its Dairy isn't it?
I love doing little things like this for her.......
This made her whole morning.
She wrapped herself in my mothers favorite blanket, ate Ice cream and drank Milk.
She giggled!
I posted on my Instagram and I LOVED seeing other mothers who feel the same way.
Mornings are My absolute favorite with her.
When she comes running to find me after she crawls out of bed, eagerly waiting to hug me.
I know I will only have a little while longer of these mornings before she starts school............................and grows up!
Today My dad and I and the kids drove to Logan to hear Treavor speak in Sacrament.
Being his farewell is only 3 weeks away....this gave him a little extra practice!
And he completely nailed it!
He challenged each family to make goals together.
My mind is spinning,  I want to take on his challenge with Jax and Charlee and report to Treavor through our letters this new year!
His Testimony is so heart felt......and Tender.
I love him.
He makes me want to do better......
Logan in all its GLORY!
11 degree's.......yup!   11!
My Nephew Treavor and My father! 

My rockin' sister Kristi and My stylish Niece Tai!

Can I ever just be normal?

Dt. Coke makes all things Glorious!  Even when you have to shop at Walmart.......

This picture makes me LAUGH so hard!
I giggle every time I look at it!  :)
We are HUGE "The Walking Dead" Lovers......
{ ps....walking dead marathon New Years Day...Your welcome!  }
 SO.......This picture, I think she is impersonating the character "Darrell"-----Minus the High heals!  That's all Charlee!





 Today is good......:)


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